Ashlynn Doljac

Loops of Origin: 


Loops of Origin: S(kin)dred  is a multi-media installation that combines spoken word poetry, sculpture, sound and light to create a sensory immersion for the viewer encapsulating memory, trauma, and addiction. Through a conscious uncovering of the mind as it wraps and weaves new ways of being and moving while existing alongside memories held taught, coiled, and suspended in a state of fight or flight. I am working through integrating the lived experience with familial addictions. The exhibition is a test of the tribulating nature of tensions, navigating addiction, loss, grief, and reflecting on experiences that haunt and loom in the brain.  

What does it mean to live in the moment when the past is woven and integrated into our somatic experience?  

I am curiously confronting the nature of intergenerational trauma, in our neural pathways & synapses that carry and hold moments of pain, of loss, and hurt in the same way spandex nylons may hold legs, as tight garments a symbol of femineity, containment, stretching, and the fragile tensions between addictions and bodily afflictions. The work is a comment on, and testament to the nature of trauma as a living entity, and translating the experience into something tact, full of emotion and vulnerable associations entangled viscerally... 

Bessel Van der Kolk wrote, the body keeps the score, and I want to ask, 




Loops Of Origin, is a series of multimedia crochet and poetry installations which delve into the worlds of love, of loss, and unraveling of words to memorialize, and discover my own identity in the vast web of life. Family, commemoration, and reflection unify in this 3 minute performance to discover, contemplate, and honour the lineage of the loved ones who came before me, and the installation is a work that will carry on through deep meaning and insights of the afterlife.

Loops of Origin: Sacral Stories

This project focuses on embodied intergenerational trauma carried in the body, held within each vertebra of the spinal cord-the backbone of our being. It is the through-line which connects and carries us through life. What are the stories we carry, translate, express, and transcribe? How do you unfold a memory, and find yourself inside of it, alive and breathing?
Memory is alive, in the body it is a visceral thing, an absence of innocence, a knot, a fistful of times you cannot erase, histories you cannot un-write. We can only live with them. Share them. Learn and heal from them. This work is an ode to the trauma we carry, hold, and weave into the fabric of existence... 

Toronto Poetry Slam June 11th, 2023 @ The Drake Underground (1st Place Finalist), performing Blazes, and Ode To My Backyard Bone Collection.

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